MYAMO Beach Lodge


Getting to MYAMO

It is really easy to arrive at MYAMO BEACH LODGE, we provide you with several pick-up options and all the necessary information for your journey to our beautiful beach lodge in West Sumbawa.

The following options are available- By Airplane / By Fast Ferry / By Private Speedboat

Pick-up Options

MYAMO BEACH LODGE Sumbawa is providing you with the possibility of booking a car pick up from one of the above-mentioned locations. You can choose from one of the following car types:

by Van
by Volkswagen T2

Some tips and the etiquette in Sumbawa:

Indonesia is one of the most diverse nations in the world with multi-racial and religious tolerance inscribed into its constitution. Here are some tips that will allow you to feel a part of the Sumbawa community, where you will be spending your holidays at our wonderful resort MYAMO BEACH LODGE:

Things you want to do:

  • Arrange a motorbike and explore endless miles of untamed coastline
  • Sun yourself in our comfy loungers during the day
  • Learn a few words in Bahasa
  • Use your right hand or even better both hands to show respect when passing an object
  • Arrange a trip to the waterfalls near our resort
  • Enjoy the magnificent sunset views towards Mt. Rinjani at MYAMO BEACH LODGE
  • Get a surf lesson from our experienced staff
  • Follow surf etiquette and ride some of the Sumbawa’s best waves
  • Try a wide array of water sports at MYAMO BEACH LODGE
  • Have our staff take you out fishing or spear fishing, Sumbawa has some of the best in the world

Things you want to avoid:

  • Drive or walk around villages with your shirt off (women should cover their shoulder in public)
  • Put your hands on your hips, as it is a gesture of disapproval
  • Point to or pass objects with your left hand
  • Drinking a beer or alcohol in public places
  • Back paddle or be disrespectful in a surf line-up


See you soon…

Beach Lodge West Sumbawa